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tv   7 News Today in New England  NBC  October 30, 2015 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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students headed back to class after a mystery illness strikes a school in lowell. we're talking to parents this more something. fire on the runway. flames scene coming from jetliner as passengers are forced to get out of the way. for the second time ever the patriot's are 7-and-0. more on the game that sent the dolphins packing. good friday morning everyone. i'm jennifer eagan. i'm christa delcamp. it's a little bit chillier than yesterday. >> you go back to yesterday temp
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near 70 now. about 15 to 20 degrees cooler than yesterday at this time. bedford 50. norwood, 51. we do have sunshine. that storm from yesterday long gone. still some left over wind. and i think we'll have that breeze for much of the day. and that will be a cool breeze throughout the afternoon. as well as this morning. breezy and cooler. but these numbers here this is where we should be for this time of year. middle and upper 50s. holiday weekend forecast. hole wooep bean tomorrow. more clouds in the afternoon. no wind tomorrow which is critical when you are taking ghost and goblins out tomorrow evening temperatures in the 40s. sunday we flip back one hour. we add a lot of clouds but dry. upper 50s on sunday. couldn'ts headed back to this school in lowell after coloradoen of them suddenly become sick.
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building after it looks like a virus spread quickly. nick emmons the live with the latest. as of right now it appears they are still thinking thises a virus of some some kind. cues came to clean all the hard surfaces after 60 students reported feeling sick. >> the buses back at sullivan middle school after a sickness scare. i felt very nervous. students evacuated thursday over fears of carbon monoxide poisoning. the fire department ruled that out. wave ruled out a carbon monoxide problem. we're looking at possible virus but haven't pinpointed the bob. a doctor came to check out dozens of student. five went to the hospital. nausea. vomiting. a little bit of diarrhea.
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seems to be viral type syndrome. son? on. a little bit there's always a worry. passed. did they give you annup date. open. no concerns? >> nothing at all. >> we got e-mails and calls later in the day what their plan was. they were opening for no school but they are kids. students are back in class today as far as what this virus could be they don't know but they are treating it as a virus. carbon monoxide was ruled out. that the latest live in lowell. nick emmons, 7news "today in new england." we're learning more about what
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student heard a big bang and felt a jolt from the basementment. bolt banging syndrome. >> the new england patriots are waking u.n. defeated. the defending champs had no problem knocking down the belt. now the team is 7-and-0 and pats nation is fired up. here's nicole oliverio with more. if tom brady tries to send a message to the league it's heard loud and clear. the pat's qb having a near perfect night. another game where he threw four td passes including this score to gronc. what a playmaker he is. he's an amazing player. privileged to play with him. he's phenomenal.
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teammates but halfway through the season on pace to perform like he did during the 2007 season. he could throw more than 40 touchdowns. teammate gave a lot of credit to defense for last night's win. we have been a group that's dialled in right now. fans may say the off-season drama having so fired up. the team of course is just talking about moving on. last night big win coming off shortened work week. patriot's have couple extra day to rest up when they talk on washington at home next sunday. nicole oliverio, 7news. "today in new england." dcf employee who work involved bella bond was cited in an independent report this week is examined by the agency. the report found the worker copied and pasted year's old report in 2012 and 2013 while preparing a case on bella's
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it led dcf to close bella's case. charlie baker said that employee could be disciplined. police say this man broke into a home and duct taped a 16-year-old girl to chair. they charged peter with crimes. he allegedly stole cash and then took off when the teen's mother and brother came home. >> there were a lot of things that i didn't really understand about why he didn't run off when he had the money and maybe it's clearer now. >> i hope my kids feel more comfortable now. i'm not sure. but i hope so. the suspect a level three sex offender and was already in jail in middleton on unrelated charges. defense attorneys for former student at a prestigious prep school convicted of sexually
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set to appear. this happen during hit wall known as senior salute. the victim remain physically and emotionally scarred. >> what he did to me made me planet. and it would be better off dead than having to deal with the terrible things that every day were thrown in my direction after doing the right thing. >> in an interview with nbc the mother said although it was difficult for her her daughter doesn't regret speaking out. it's been excruciating for her. but she just wanted to do what was right. we were a family that we're always searching for community. >> her attorney though his
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client registering as sex offender is punishment enough he's out on bail this morning. also this morning a terrifying scene on florida runway and now investigators are trying to figure out what happened when a dynamic airlines flight caught fire before take off injurying a dozen passengers. flame shooting out of the left engine of the jet sending panic through the cabin. >> they say fire, fire. a pilot on a plane behind the dynamic airways jet noticed it leaking fuel on the taxiway. fire erupted moments later. >> engine on fire. sharon and her husband grabbed their two children as the flames grew and rushed to the front of the plane. >> i took the baby like this and i said come on. the planes still moving toward take off for venezuela when flight attendant opened emergency doors second later the 101 passengers slid down
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emergency slides. i was freaking out. terrified. i had people in front of me. i starteded like pushing. this morning investigator from the ntsb will begin combing over the plane to try to determine what caused it to leak fuel and burst into flamed. >> breaking overnight the senate approving a federal budget deal. it will prevent the u.s. from defaulting next week and lower the risk of shutdown in december. the bill now go to president obama who expected to sign it. the vote was 64-35. the new era for the u.s. congress. paul ryan beginning his first day at speaker of the house. he was sworn in yesterday. 45-year-old the youngest speaker to serve in nearly 115 years. and he vowed to try to unify members of the house. he called on them to come together during his first address to the chamber and former massachusetts governor mitt romney and former presidential candidate tweeting out this picture with the new
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speaker. romney said got the first speaker selfie. this is romney and ryan jumping into the picture as well. still ahead the hangover cure that comes right to your door. more on the new service coming right here to boston. shark sightings on the rise. out west why researchers say weather patterns could be to blame for this. our weather pattern simmers done for the weekend. forecast up next. all right, j.r. the jack-o'-lantern that caused chaos at an arizona intersection. no jack-o'-lanterns on our highways. most look like route one in good shape. not all. expressway struggling to recover from morning ride. even 93 is busy from stoneham all the way into town. and the turnpike putting up a fight still at the
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frightful as well. rich kirkland 7news do you think when you are president you'll be paid as much as if you were a man-male... this is one of the jobs where they have to pay you the same. but there are so many examples where that doesn't happen. i'm going to do everything i can to make sure every woman in every job gets paid the same... the men who are doing that job. r i'm hillary clinton p
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welcome back, everybody. we're poised ready to go for big weekend. halloween, got your costume ready or what? . >> went to party last weekend. we're good to go. i'm wearing the same thing, j.r. got to reuse. recycle. >> i'm going as myself. that's scary enough. inside and out. issues all over the place. boston, 51. bedford 53. fitchburg at 51. the wind from the north west. nothing like yesterday. not damaging notten gusting over
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25 or 30. it's still died to that powerhouse storm that lived on the northeast a few days ago. now moving away. the rest of the nation does feature quiet condition. high pressure with us this afternoon. overnight tonight and through the day tomorrow. so today the numbers reach the upper 50s. that's where we should be for this time of year. cooler for tomorrow. the trade off will be less wind. and this time of year if you are out and about for any length of time especially tomorrow night with trick-or-treaters not having winds is huge. as we work toward sunday it will be milder day sunday. but the hitch with that there's more clouds around on sunday. there may be a sprinkle or two. but otherwise both weekend days are dry. certainly today. breezy and cooler than yesterday. we made the 70s yesterday. but forget that. temps this afternoon between 55 and 60. northwester i will breeze may add a cool feel to the air at times. the city around 59 this afternoon. plymouth 59. north of town drakette, 57.
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into the worcester hills middle 50s. worcester, 55. a little bit windy at 58. salem heading to salem today or tomorrow. mostly sunny skies. partly sunny skies tomorrow. cooler tomorrow not breezy like this afternoon. high school football game this evening. wakefield and melrose that's the big one fitchburg and dartmouth running in the upper 40s. and your weekend features again lots of sunshine tomorrow morning. more clouds in the afternoon. sunday mostly cloudy skies. daylight saving time coming to an end. halloween forecast for the trick-or-treaters will feature a lot of clouds out there with temperature dropping through the 40s
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2011 and 2012 trick-or-treating was cancelled. first because of snow then hurricane sandy in 2012. active time of year in new england. but not this go around. looking good. sunset by the way on sunday at 4:38. yikes. not good. >> j.r., thank you. "star wars" dominating the halloween costume craze this year. according to new e-commerce data consumer have made twice as many online search this year halloween than last year which were frozen characters. i know at least one storm trooper and one luke skywalker. we had a run away blimp. now look at the run away inflatable pumpkin. thises quite a surprise for drivers in arizona. can you imagine being stopped at an intersection. it's a giant inflatable jack-o'-lantern.
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i bounced its way through some busy intersections. no one was injured. we can chuckle a little bit. it did damage some street lights. what do you do? you just sit there. i would feel it's coming straight for me. >> i'm glad nobody got hurt. ahead this morning. warmer weather could mean more problems in the water. why more is sharks are spotted off the west coast. officials in connecticut trying to figure out what happened after a statute of
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warmer water could be leading to record numbers of shark being spotted swimming off states. some researcher are saying the sighting could be a sign that el nino is already having an impact in that area. lurking in shallow waters just off the coast of southern
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within 500 yards of us right now. marine biologist are tracking a shark. they are here off huntingdon beach in numbers scientist have not seen before. chris willist tracking the predators for nearly a decade. it's a great white maybe an indicator that el nino conditions are here. and strengthening. last two winters none of the animal we tagged have migrated. >> even a slight rise in temperature means more food, more staying put. hammerhead and great whites are close to shore. the rarely aggressive there's been encounters. this el nino has the potential if it continues to build to be a record breaker. el nino will deliver storms, and
9:21 am
mud slides that could alter the landscape. already the ecosystem in the ocean is changing. we have a whole new food chain that typically isn't part of southern california showing up during el nino. perhaps nature's early warning system as el nino builds it's expected to bring enhanced storminess across the u.s. this winter. more ahead on "today in new england." a new way to quick recovery. how a quick phone call could lead to hang over relief. the latest on recovery effort after a blimp went down. more on the canadian tour boat that ca hey mom, i could use some basil. oh, sure thing, sweetie. life is eating out of a flower pot. wait where' s the? right. it' s being a food paparazzi. honey, your rump roast just broke the internet. as it should. and a takeout romantic. dessert!
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halloween is almost here. trick-or-treating for the kids. but for grownups celebrating could make for a tough morning. >> soon help with a quick recovery could be just a phone call away. nancy chen looks into a new service coming to the hub. >> reporter: a wild night out can sometimes mean a painful morning in. nausea, headache, die hydration, the hangover. now a service launching in boston call near instance relief. the uber of hangovers. >> this is what is done in hospitals throughout the world. >> iv fluids on demand. from a licensed nurse dispatched to your home, office anywhere. book an appointment online or by phone. this is truly the treatment for patient that are vomiting that
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can't keep foods down. can't drink anything. especially if they need to do something that day. adam is the ceo of iv-doc which is expanding into boston after opening eight other locations nationwide. >> college down. boston a great town. there's a lot of people burning the candle both ends. the iv treatments would start at $199 and go up to $399 aren't just for hangovers. but for fatigue. migraines and food poisoning as well. >> what are the risks involved? >> very little risk. black and blue. that's pretty much it. this the low risk treatment. this is why the benefits outweigh the risk. this doctor said not so fast. there's a lot of potential side effects. it's not necessarily harmless. >> roy say there's a risk of infection anytime an injection is involved. overall she said people should just use common sense not drinking that much in the first play if you do drink lots of
9:25 am
next morning. iv fluids to prevent hangover is not fda approved. there's no trial or studies that actually show that there's a clinical benefit. most people it's just drinking a lot of water. doctor nadelson said they don't recommend more than two iv's. a week. he stresses the company provide counselling and referrals for people who they feel need it. ivdoc launches in boston next week. nancy chin. 7news. still ahead on "today in new england." a mystery in lowell, what causes sudden of students to suddenly become ill. we'll close the book on october with seasonal temps then warm for november. forecast up next. sex offender off the street.
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crew spent the night cleaning ill there. wild ride leaving a path of destruction behind before crashing through a fence. the latest in canada where crews are working to get a tour boat out of the water after it capsized on sunday. welcome back, everyone. friday morning. the weekend coming into view. it's nice out there. at least jr for today you can keep the rain boots at home. back to where we should be for the end of october. partly to mostly sunny skies. some left over wind from yesterday. a little bit breezy at time. out of northwest. 10 to 15 miles per hour. we'll have that through the day. buildup of clouds for some of you. overall average partly to mostly sunny skies. temps between 55 and 60. clear skies tonight. and the weekend features sunshine tomorrow.
9:29 am
the evening hours. much less wind tomorrow. cooler low-to-middle 50 and for sunday cloud. daylight saving time coming to an end. temperatures in the 50. students headed back to a middle school in lowell. become ill. crews cleaned the building overnight and this morning we talked to some parent dropping their kids off. nick emmons is live at the nick? >> i guess the good news here that parents are confident that everything is fine now. the school had people scrubbing down sanitizing the hard surfaces this after as many as 60 reported feeling sick. people were puking. stomach, dizziness. the buses back at sullivan middle school after a sickness scare. i felt very nervous. i thought it would like happen to me. students evacuated thursday over
9:30 am
but the fire department ruled that out. >> we have ruled out it was a carbon monoxide problem. we are looking at possible virus. we haven't pinpointed the problem yet. the doctor from lowell came to check out the student. five went to the hospital. it does seem to more of viral type syndrome. today shawn horrn dropped off his broughter >> no concern about what's going on? >> a little bit. it's always a worry. parents confident is problem has passioned. did they give you an update on what's going on this morning. no concern about what's happening. nothing at all. we got e-mails and call later in the day letting us know their plan. they were hoping for no school. but they are kids. >> the kid back in school today they couldn't take the day off.
9:31 am
but they didn't want to take any chances here. as far as what this virus could have been possibly made the kids sick they are looking into that. that's the latest live in lowell. 7news "today in new england." a level 3 sex offender off the street. he carried out violent attack. duct taping a teenager girl to a chair over the summer. . >> reporter: home invasion investigator have made an arrest. andover police charged 53 peter bardvick with kidnapping and several other crimes. he was level 3 sex offender convicted of rape in 1980. there were a lot of things i didn't understand why he didn't run off when he had the money and it's a little bit clearer now and so thankful that my wife and son got home when they did. he walked into the home one afternoon in july when a 16-year-old girl was the only person inside. he allegedly duct taped her to a chair and stole cash.
9:32 am
he took off when the teenager's mother and brother came home. he broke into a second home around the block that same day. a month later police released these surveillance pictures which helped crack the case. i hope my kids feel more comfortable. i'm not sure. but i hope so. >> police didn't have to look too far to find him. he was already in jail in middleton on unrelated charges. we're following more news today. the defense attorneys for former prep school convicted of sexually assaulting a younger student are planning to appeal. he was sentenced to year. jail for sexually assaulting then 15-year-old girl while the two were students at police teejous school. happened during ritual known as senior salute. he is out on bail this morning. the man accused of making a bomb threat on a plane is out on bail. fwief-year-old dennis campbell pleaded not guilty. the judge ordered him not to
9:33 am
he told a flight attendant he had a bond in his carry on. the defense said it was all just a joke. entire family in yarmouth arrested and facing drug charges this morning. police arrested noel johnson and her parents lisa and michael johnson. they found plastic bags filled with heroin inside the family's home. all three suspect are due in court later today. also this morning a driver accused of going on a wild ride in worcester leaving behind this path of destruction that you're seeing. >> police say the driver caused serious crash before then ramming through a fence. here's ryan schulteis with more on what happened. this was an enormous huge crash. cacon jolted away when the pickup truck crashed. i knew it was the fence. my condo, obviously is adjacent to the fence. >> she ran to see what was happening. i went to my window and at
9:34 am
across our driveway and then he backed into the tree. he rammed into the tree backwards. then she watched in disbelief as he got out of the truck. i went to the back of the truck and sort of took his hands like what did i do? and there was a man with gray hair that i think had walked up to our driveway. he then went and spoke with the man in the gray hair. i knew he was okay. and then he got back into the truck. worcester police say 40-year-old man was driving the truck and took it on a wild ride. that man found lying on the road next to the truck. i'm retired rn. i know you don't walk away from an accident like that. if you're in your right faculties. the driver had also hit a fire hydrant before slamming into this fence. then hit a bolder which sent the truck airborne right into the re. >> i was concerned he might hit my house. you can see where i'm located. thank god he didn't.
9:35 am
in new england." state transportation officials say they will make a number of temporary safety fixes on route 20 in oxford. after making the changes after this week's catch that killed the mother and her baby. traffic post will be placed on the double yellow line warning light that will flash the speed and the speed of oncoming vehicles will be installed in existing rumble strips will be upgraded. family of people killed along that stretch of road want it widened and barrier placed down the middle. >> this is not a waste of our dollars. this will save lives. i shouldn't be a thought and question it's too much money. 31-year-old christina and her 9-month-old son were killed when their car collided with cement truck monday. her 2-year-old son was seriously hurt as well. also at the meeting a mother and her son who uses a wheelchair after the family was in a crash on route 20 nearly 20 years ago. thewomen's husband was killed in
9:36 am
the search on for statute of jesus in connecticut. someone stole a 5-'statute in moan rowe. it happened between tuesday and wednesday morning. just bring it back. we're not mad at you. we won't press charges. i will give you a rosary if you blue it back. customer donated the statue to the store when she moved out of her home. breaking overnight a fugitive in kentucky has been killed in a shootout with police ending in nearly week-long manhunt. floyd ray cooks confronted by state troopers in the federal marshall when they exchanged gunfire. cook died at the scene. 62-year-old was wanted for shooting and injurying a police officer in tennessee then shooting a trooper in kentucky over the weekend. new details on a whale watch boat that capsized off the coast of canada. the hull of the bet has been lifted out of the water for the first time since a large wave tipped it over earlier this week. five bodies were recovered after the boat capsized.
9:37 am
while the search for sixth passenger is under way. investigator hope electronic equipment onboard will help them figure out what caused that ship to sink. former nba and reality tv star lamar odem on the road to recovery. he remains in the hospital but no longer in the intensive care unit. he still on dialysis but slowly improving after recent stroke. the 35-year-old was found unconscious at a brothel in las vegas earlier this month. a military team still trying to recover one of its surveillance blimps from a wooded area in pennsylvania. they are considering using helicopters to lift out the wreckage. that process will take at least all day today. police fired about 100 shot at the blimp to drain the left over helium thursday. the blimp which is about the size of a football field broke free from its anchors in maryland and drifted about 150 miles before finally coming to a stop in trees in rural pennsylvania wednesday.
9:38 am
it tack down polls and knocked out power to about 30,000 people along the way. and the investigation is still under way into why the blimp came loose. nearly two dozen runner will take part in the new york city marathon on sunday in honor of youngest victim of the boston marathon bombing. this team has raised more than 60,000. the money will go to martin richard foundation. marting was 8 years old when he was killed in 2013. 7 healthcast now. get ready because we fall back for daylight saving. you get an extra hour of sleep. that's great. it can also throw off your body. this morning we have steps on how to adjust to the change. according to the huffington post keep a normal bedtime. they recommend you go to bed and wake up at the same time each day. also research shows exercise can help with a better night sleep.
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night caps and extra cup of coffee can wreak halfor. get out bed. it's kind of like mind over matter. in that particular instance. that piece of advice go to bed time. it's -- easier said than done. still ahead the pats rivalry night. hear what robert craft had to say while honoring one of the pat's all-time greats. if you picked apple you have a flew left over. we will take one spot putting to use in today's what's cooking. love me apples. we have mostly sunny skies. breezy through the day.
9:40 am
with shorts. i like it. jr got warm yesterday not really the case today. there's days like today where i wore rain boots and shorts. boston at 51. bedford at 50. worcester 47. this the probably my only knock
9:41 am
little bit breezy out there. northwest wind 10 to 15 miles per hour. won't go away. wind speed aren't damaging wind. yesterday was gust you know 30 to 40 miles per hour. even during the day after the mainent. wears the big storm. draft further and further away from new england able to effect our weather in the sense of that wind. once we get this blue h. once that come into new england late this evening and tomorrow that will get rid of the wind. we'll have clear skies for tonight and tomorrow morning. cooler tomorrow. on to sunday we go. first day of november milder than tomorrow. with a few more clouds around i think on sunday compared to tomorrow. temp between 55 and 60 throughout the afternoon.
9:42 am
boston this afternoon. 59. frame ingham at 56. salem forecast today and tomorrow mostly sunny sky. we're up there a few days ago. that's the treat to be held right there. cross it off. it's worth it. there's no admission. tomorrow halloween sun in the morning clouds in the afternoon. lower 50s. sunday mostly cloudy skies. temperatures sunday upper 50s. a sampling of temperature across southern new england tomorrow evening. they won't be day time temp. this when you take the ghost and goblins o out. taughton 48. it will be dry. past year a little bit of drizzle on 2013. i'm fine by that. daylight saving it's a good time of year to check the smoke and
9:43 am
co detector and make sure the battery are fresh and ready to go. you get an extra hour of sleep and ready to go. sunrise sunday earlier at 6:17. this is the hard part here. sun going down sunday evening. monday and tuesday. warm pattern heading this way. >> the day start getting longer in january. bob craft taking a shot at indianapolis colts during yesterday's half time. he made this remark during a ceremony honoring former linebacker who was inducted to hall of fame earlier this year. the colts is man who tipped off the league that the pats may have been using under inflated footballs. during the ceremony here's what craft said. quote there's nothing more satisfying than saddling the indianapolis colt with a loss. something the patriot's did 16 times.
9:44 am
during the half time ceremony the patted show the highlight of the tackle on the goal line that allows the pats to beat the colt in 2003. they then beat the colts later on that season. actor and comedian daniel tosh cashed in. he's a dolphins fan. day placed a big bet on the friend battling brain cancer. they posted this picture. he spent 25,000 on the pats cover 3 and a half point first half spread. they led by 19 at the half. after doubling the money he said his friend can use it for else. up next, get in the fall spirit with a seasonal dish. we'll take you the local restaurant putting fresh spin on left over apples. justin bieber storms off store. why h pop star said he had, had
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>> so fall weather in full swing and you might have done a little bit of apple picking. >> if you have some left over this the great idea. bree eggers traveled to concorde to see what's cooking. . >> we all know that money doesn't grow on trees. but apples do and katie is making left over apples into edible goal. today we make a carmelized apple. it's also known as apple brown butter cake. don't let the fancy name intimidate you. the first thing we will do get the butter on the stove. that takes a few minutes to brown.
9:47 am
we will watch our apples. peel them and dice them up. you want about two cups. you can really use most varieties that you like. i wouldn't suggest granny smith or red delicious. >> but you would suggest local >> whenever possible. now add the flavor of fall. with sugar and cinnamon and a pinch of salt. next melt butter in saute pan. get the apples in the pan. listen to sizzle. cook on medium heat until soft but don't overcook. when they are done set them aside to cool. now on to the cake batter. start by combining the dry ingredients. almond, meal grand laited sugar. baking powder and salt. we will whisp these together. butter time. if you smell it you will see it smells nutty.
9:48 am
so carmely. you will add our corn syrup. in goes the remaining better and egg whites whisking until well mixed. next top your cake batter with the cinnamon sugar apple. bake at 350 for about 20 minutes. >> it's nice and golden brown. people trim the edge. then you want to decide how many portions. the bigger the gold part are the more they are worth. fancy up and enjoy. you can taste the color amber in it. it's very gold. that's what's cooking. i'm bri eggers, 7news. >> you said you have apples left over. i will come to your house. if you help me with the egg whites. i do poorly with those. coming up next in "the buzz" a rough night for justin bieber, why he walked off stage during a concert. >> bad blood after taylor swift slapped with a lawsuit.
9:49 am
for the day partly to mostly sunny skies. downward trend.
9:50 am
in the bus justin bieber apologizes to fan in norway after he stormed off the stage during a middle of concert. front row. they were trying to reach out and touch him and he was spilled. he only performed one sock and then he walked off. and blamed the lack of sleep and hectic week. he also walked out of interview with radio show this week as well. taylor swift fighting back against the lawsuit against her. a radio host sued swift last month claiming he was fired her. she said he didn't touch her but his boss kiz. swift filed her own suit saying
9:51 am
if she wins money she will donate to charity protecting other women from similar sexual assaults. salina gomez heading to net flicks. gomez set to executive produce. this would be her first major production gig. james franko showing off fresh ink on instagram. he posted photo of his body full of tattoos. i heart harminy. no word on whether the tats are real. that's pretty aggressive. it is. a little bit too small for me to see there. friday we're headed into the weekend. it looks nice. tell us more, will you? >> sun shine through the day. breezy. upper 50s. halloween morning sun afternoon clouds. tomorrow even for trick-or-treaters the number
9:52 am
will be in upper 40s. for sunday mostly cloudy skies. milder day sunday upper 50s. have a great weekend. >> enjoy the holiday. that extra hour of sleep. i'm christa delcamp.
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